Where Quality Meets Life — Complete Senior Care

We offer freedom and support for your loved one. We help our residents feel healthy, inspired, and excited for what each new day may bring.

The abundant amenities at Wells Point Lodge help Residents embrace their golden years.

We have crafted a senior living environment that provides compassionate and high-quality assisted living services for seniors living near Round Rock, Texas.

Activity Programs

Keep your loved one busy and engaged with activities they enjoy. We want your loved one to look forward to each new day. We design custom activities tailored to the preferences of our Residents.

Cooperative Healthcare

Give your family the best life. We work hand in hand with doctors, hospice, and home health providers to create custom medical care for your loved one.

24-Hour Medical Staff

Accidents and illnesses don't keep 8 to 5 work hours, so neither do we. Rest assured, our skilled nurses, caretakers, doctors, and other staff, are always ready when our Residents need us— 24/7.

Consistent Engagement

Aging adults need daily interactions with other people, just like younger generations. Our Residents look forward to daily engagement with other Residents, our guest ministries, and devotionals.


"When it was time to move from an independent living community to assisted living, Wells Point Lodge was a great choice. Our thanks to the courteous staff and those who have taken the time to help and visit with our loved one."

- Jane H.


Where Do I Start?

When considering nursing homes in Round Rock, TX, you need to consider several things.

Aging looks different for everyone. That's why we ensure our care is always individualized to meet the needs of our Residents.

At Wells Point Lodge, we welcome your loved one with warm smiles and quality care. We offer tours and will walk you through the transition of moving your loved one to a nursing home facility.

Signs it Might be Time for Assisted Living?

Make an appointment with your loved ones' medical professional to help you determine if it is time to consider the transition to an assisted living facility.

A positive initial conversation can make moving to an assisted living community easier for you and your loved one.

  1. Research Area Facilities - Eliminate facilities that do not provide non-negotiable needs or are out of your budget.
  2. Talk to Your Loved One - Before you discuss nursing homes, ask your loved ones questions about their wants for the future.
  3. Let Them Help Make the Decision - Independent living is important. When your loved one has input in their new home, they will be more comfortable with the transition.
  4. Look For the Positives - Think about the benefits of moving to an assisted living facility. Our community offers many enjoyable aspects, and our Residents can still remain independent.
  5. Empathy Goes A Long Way - This is a life-changing decision; use compassion in your conversations and choices.

The Right Nursing Home for Your Family.

Discuss this with your loved one's medical care provider. During this conversation, you can learn what facilities can be marked off the list based on what services they offer.

If possible, let your loved one tour area facilities with you. This empowerment will make moving to a nursing home much easier.

High-Quality Assisted Living For Round Rock, TX

We enhance the lives of our Residents. Contact us to see if we are the right fit for your family. Schedule a tour. We would love to show you around.

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